How to apply them to Our lives and teach them to your chilren

Patterns of Liberty

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Is there a difference between Liberty and Freedom?

What do Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus and George Washington have in common? 

​Did you know, there is a pattern to Liberty and if we can copy the pattern we can have true Liberty in our country again? 

What if you could teach the patterns of Liberty to your children, family members and friends in a simple, easy to understand way? 

Patterns of Liberty is a culmination of stories that demonstrate a pattern that has been used through out history to bring true Liberty.  You will love the fun and entertaining stories about Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson and many more.  

​In her first Book, Tenna shows time and time again what the patterns of Liberty are and how we can implement them into our lives.  Knowledge is power and this book is an amazing resource for teaching others to love history, The Founding Fathers, and our Founding documents.