How to apply them to Our lives and teach them to your chilren

Lisa Smith  

Lisa is a mom and grandma.  She loves Liberty, her grandchildren, U of U football games and playing softball.  Lisa as worked in Marketing and Sales for over 20 years and worked as a healthcare consultant for over 25 years she loves America and The Constitution.  She has taught many Constitution classes and has a strong desire to help preserve our freedoms and Liberties. 

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"This is an awesome book. I love the beautiful message and the stories are wonderful!"

-Kathy W.

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"I have attended Tenna's classes for years.  I am so glad she finally put her knowledge in a book."

- Cheryl C.

 Tenna Cooper Hartman 

Tenna is President and Co-founder of Liberty Ladies and the Liberty Learning Center.  She is recognized as an excellent motivational speaker on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

Tenna is a wife and mother of five beautiful children.  She has home schooled two of her children for the past 4 years and taught History and English to high school students at the Benjamin Franklin Academy.  she obtained a Bachelor's of Arts from the University of Utah in 1989, where she studied French and History.  She is an entrepreneur and has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience and currently works as a healthcare business consultant.  

Tenna has taught over 400 classes on Liberty and The Constitution during the past six years and is constitutionally certified by the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies.  Her Goal is the preservation of Liberty and she is passionate about teaching thousands of people to become mentors and educators of true Liberty. 

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